Commissioned by the ILO, this is the Final Report of the AICESIS-ILO-SER International Conference, held in The Hague, Netherlands on 29 and 30 October 2015. It brought together Economic and Social Councils and similar institutions (ESC-SIs) to discuss ways to promote workplace compliance including in global supply chains, the challenges and opportunities presented by workplace compliance, and the roles played in that connection by relevant stakeholders. The report also reflects a survey held before about the current role of ESCs in promoting workplace compliance.

Samen met de Stop Kinderarbeid Campagne, publiceerde Human Rights@Work deze praktische                     tool voor overheden die met hun inkoopkracht kinderarbeid kunnen helpen bestrijden.


Commissioned by the Round Table for Sustainable Palmoil. Where are the new principles and criteria and the RSPO consistent with the UN Guiding Principles and other developments on business and human rights

An Oxfam study of labour issues in Unilever’s Vietnam operations and supply chain, with full cooperation of Unilever

Assessment with VBDO and BECO, of good practices and examples how Dutch business is dealing with human rights.

  • interview met Liesbeth Unger over de betekenis van de UN Guiding principles op de website
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