Human rights policy and strategic advice

We review your policies and help with implementation

Does your company already have a human rights policy? Or has your company expressed its commitment to respect human rights in a company or supplier Code of Conduct? Does your client ask for a Modern Slavery Statement? Is it all aligned with the international standards and requirements?

Having a human rights policy often is the first step in human rights due diligence. A human rights policy means committing not only to adhere to local standards, but also following international agreed human rights norms and describing the process of implementation. Often companies wonder whether they can commit to something they have not done yet? How do you ensure the policy gets implemented? Therefore, it is important to also check whether your management processes and local implementation are aligned with international human rights standards.

human rights policy strategic advice

What do we do to support our clients?

  • Reviewing or developing a human rights policy aligned with international regulations and standards.
  • A modern slavery statement aligned with the UK Modern Slavery act
  • A gap assessment to assessment gaps between existing policies, systems and practices, and human rights due diligence laws, international standards and sector standards
  • Strategic advice how to develop an action plan or roadmap with prioritized and timebound measures.
  • Developing outcome based mitigating measures to address risks
  • Developing KPIs to measure progress

    Benefits for clients:

    • The process of developing a policy and gap assessments helps to raise internal awareness and makes human rights more concrete
    • Provides a basis to prioritize actions
    • Timebound measures and KPIs make it easier to report on the progress made to manage human rights risks
    • Meeting demands of clients, investors and legislation alike.
    • Creating internal clarity on the company‚Äôs commitment and implementation plan
    • An opportunity to engage with stakeholders on the strategy and implementatio
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    Human rights policy and strategic advice
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    Human rights policy and policy development
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    Human rights policy and strategic planning
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