Human rights training

Build your human rights capacity

We offer tailor-made in-company training to raise awareness on human rights and due diligence, and inspiring colleagues to make human rights a priority. We equip people in the corporate world with the knowledge they need to identify, prevent and address human rights risks in their business operations and supply chains- so they can conduct business responsibly. HRW has extensive training experience and also works together with the Löning Academy. Please contact us to discover what type of training suits your organization.

How will it benefit your business?

In our experience human rights training is absolutely key for responsible business:

  • Expectations are increasing as is human rights awareness, with consumers, investors and clients
  • Risk management of human rights is impossible without some knowledge
  • Minimizing risks for people, will also minimize the risks to your company
  • A solid human rights capacity in your company is a strength that helps mitigate financial, litigation and reputational risks while also helping you retain talent and build supply chain resilience.

Who is it for?

People in various roles in the organization have responsibilities for managing human rights risks. This can be people working in procurement, in human resources, risk management, sustainability or ethics and compliance for example. With the practicle knowhow they can adress human rights risks effectively. We provide the training they need and prepare them for their responsibilities. We also help you to build the capacity of suppliers that need to follow the company’s code of conduct.

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