Stakeholder management

Meaningful dialogue

Human rights is about people. An organization can have many stakeholders, including employees, communities, suppliers and their employees, clients, consumers. It is crucial to identify who are important stakeholders. According to the international guidelines and legislation a company needs to have a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, especially with those that are potentially affected by the business.
This can be a challenge for companies with global supply chains and value chains. How can you engage with workers in supply chains for example or with customers, when clients are companies?
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How do we support our clients?
Human Rights@Work not only helps companies to identify stakeholders, but also supports in developing crucial relationships, mediates and organizes stakeholder meetings.

To identify and address human rights risks, it is crucial to develop meaningful dialogue, to ensure the right priorities are set and solutions developed.

We develop a plan how to have a meaningful engagement and support with the implementation.

Together with our partners, we use tools and methodologies to engage with remote stakeholders and their representatives.

Benefits of a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders

• Develops crucial relationships
• Serves as an early warning mechanism by knowing the concerns of stakeholders
• Dialogue with suppliers and clients about human rights adds value to the relationships
• Creates understanding of local context
• Creates better understanding of the groups that are at risk
• NGOs often have important knowledge and information about serious human rights risks
• Engaging stakeholders in your journey at an early stage, creates appreciation and understanding of the company.

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