due dilligence

for responsible business conduct

Human Rights@Work offers services to ensure a company respects human rights by doing due diligence. Our approach is fully aligned with the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), the OECD guidelines for multinational corporations and the current and upcoming EU legislation on due diligence, including the CSRD/ESRS CSDDD, Sustainable Finance Disclosure regulation (SFRD), Green Taxonomy, Conflict Minerals regulation, Deforestation regulation.

due dilligence human-rights

step by step or a package

First step in our due dilligence services

The due dilligence services are described separately as some organizations prefer a step by step approach. However, these services can be combined in one package.

Usually we work with a global risk assessment first plus a gap assessment to review all policies and processes. 

after the risk assessment

Next step in our due dilligence services

The risk assessments lead to a strategy and plan which risks to address first and where to do a further deep dive, with human rights impact assessments, to better understand what needs to be done to mitigatethe risks.

Stakeholder management, training and improving the grievance mechanism are included in the first step of our due dilligence process or can be done as a next step.

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